Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Utilizing Online Ordering Sites to Capture the Grab-n-Go Diner

We love hearing about new ways technology is positively affecting the restaurant industry.  The current surge in online ordering sites and mobile apps is certainly no exception:  busy diners everywhere are relying on takeout and delivery to fill their stomachs, and if they’ve never heard of your restaurant, they won’t be ordering from you.  Enter sites like, and other online directories of restaurants that hungry, hurried diners visit to find local restaurants that provide takeout and delivery services in their area. 

GrubHub has over one million users searching its database for restaurant menus in over 500 cities nationwide.  Users create a free account and log on to instantly access reviews and menus and place their order with a few clicks. is another big player in the online ordering phenomenon.  Seamless works with over 12,000 restaurants (covering over 80 different types of cuisine) to meet the one-stop-shop needs of those hungry and in a hurry.  Both GrubHub and Seamless also offer hugely successful mobile apps to truly capture diners while they’re on the go.

Who is using these apps?  From busy moms (GrubHub has been named one of the top 11 time-saving sites for busy moms by Good Housekeeping) to corporate lunch-goers (Seamless’ app was recently awarded a coveted space as one the World’s Greatest Apps by Business Insider), customers everywhere are increasingly turning to the convenience of the web.  With the ability to get coupons, leave restaurant feedback, and even track their orders, they have little reason to check the Yellow Pages to search for their next bite. 

Restaurants of all sizes can instantly cast a wider net by making their menus available through these apps.  Small establishments that don’t have the resources to create an online presence on their own can now make themselves known to customers that would be in too much of a hurry to find them otherwise.  According to Grub Hub, 89% of their customers have tried out a new restaurant using the Grub Hub service.  And in the last year, over 1.6 million diners used Grub Hub to find food.    That’s a lot of sales!

To sign up to be listed in these directories is FREE to restaurants; most will ask you to pay a small fee from the orders they direct to your business.  To get started, check out the links below.

·       Get featured on Grub Hub
·       Join Eat24