Thursday, April 8, 2010

Linking Consumers To Business To Business Business

As a foodservice servicer I sometimes struggle to find my (my company’s) place in the consumer world. In dining the consumer is always the most important piece of the puzzle, everyone works together to help make sure they are satisfied. So how do you keep these customers in the loop when they are not necessarily your customers?

Here at FoodCALC we do business with restaurants, eventually what we do trickles down to consumers, we don’t sell to them or promote to them, but we do get a lot of interest from them. I just couldn’t help but think we must have something to offer them while still being true to what we do and who we are. So we’re trying something new: meet The Dining Detective.

The Dining Detective is consumer blog written by a health conscious diner to other health conscious diners. Detective Lara shares her experiences in dining from her perspective as a calorie counter and her victories with finding restaurant food that fits within her nutritional budget.

We’re hoping to learn how consumers like Detective Lara and her many followers use the information that we and provide to restaurants. That way we can better understand what they need to accomplish and how to work with them to help them meet their end goal of rave reviews and satisfaction.

I know that many of you also provide services to restaurants.
Do you do anything through your business that deals directly with the consumer?
Do you think it’s necessary?

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